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Introducing Password Vault Application – Ultimate Password Manager

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In today’s digitally connected world, our lives are intertwined with a myriad of online services, each demanding its own set of login credentials. It’s no surprise that password management can quickly become an overwhelming task. But what if there was a way to simplify this process and enhance your digital security, all while keeping your […]

Remote Procedure Calls RPC using RabbitMQ in C# .NET

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RabbitMQ.NET RabbitMQ.NET is a .NET Core library to easily integrate RabbitMQ in .NET applications Nuget Github Installation Install-Package RabbitMQ.NET Using the library RabbitMQ.NET is a simple library to Publish and Subscribe easily in .NET Core applications. It now supports Remote Procedure Calls RPC in very intuitive manner Setup DI var serviceProvider = new […]

How to Extract Pages from a PDF Document to Create a New PDF Document using Google Chrome

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Sometimes you don’t need everything in PDF document. Perhaps there are only half a dozen pages that are of actual interest, so the best thing to do is simply save them as their own file. This blog post will explain how to extract selected pages from a PDF and save it as a separate PDF […]

Windows Product Key Finder

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Few years ago PC manufacturers apply stickers on Laptops or Desktops showing Windows Product Key. But since Windows 8, it is no longer supplied. I have made on handy tool to Find out Windows Product Key and some other useful info. Download and Run. Download Windows Product Key Finder version 4.5 Hash for WindowsProductKey4.5.exe MD5: […]

How to Create New Folders in Launchpad on macOS

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Launchpad is the fast way to find and open your apps. By default, items in Launchpad are in alphabetical order. You can re-arrange icons on Launchpad by dragging them in the order you want. If there’s not enough room to show all of your apps on one screen, Launchpad creates multiple pages. The dots at […]

Bold, Italic and Strikethrough in WhatsApp

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WhatsApp finally lets you format text. Messages can now be written in bold, italic and strikethrough. To add Bold formatting, just add (asterisk) “*” before and after the text. For example, *Hello!* and WhatsApp will automatically make it bold. See below figure. To add Italics formatting, add (underscore) “_” before and after the text, WhatsApp […]