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Mount (Automount) VHD partition in Ubuntu host

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Most of the time you need to add hard disk space to you virtual machine without effecting Primary hard disk. Below procedure can be used to add another virtual hard disk to Ubuntu hosted inside Hyper-V. 1. Add new hard disk from VM settings. 2. Start virtual machine and start terminal or connect through terminal […]

Run Hyper-V and VirtualBox on the same machine

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On 64 bit Windows, if Hyper-V is enabled, VirtualBox cannot create virtual machines of 64 bit architecture. So in order to install 64 bit OS on VirtualBox, Hyper-V has to be disabled. Below are ways to enable/disable Hyper-V in Windows to install and run 64 bit virtual machines. Method 1 1. Open Windows Features. 2. […]

Hyper-V vs VirtualBox

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Hyper-V and Virtualbox are not in the same category. Below is a comparison chart between two. Hyper V Virtual Box Server virtualization Desktop virtualization Type 1 hypervisor. It’s headless virtualization that runs directly on the hardware Type 2 hyperviosr. Virtualbox requires an OS and is a virtualization application that runs on your desktop Hyper-V is […]