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Digital Ocean Dynamic DNS

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Here is bash script to dynamically update DigitalOcean domain name ‘A’ record to create dyndns type service on your Linux system. Pre-Requisites 1. Domain ( registered at DO 2. Subdomain ( which you want to point to a machine whose public IP is not constant 3. DO API key. Can be obtained from 4. […]

Raspberry Pi Ethernet to WiFi

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This tutorial is about using your Raspberry Pi (or any Linux box) as WiFi router. Setup I am using Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian Strech. Edimax WiFi adapter. Internet enabled Ethernet connection. Check Ethernet Before continuing make sure the Ethernet cable is connected in and you can ping out from the Pi try ping ping […]

Optimize WiFi signals with WiFi channel configuration

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It is more likely that there are many WiFi networks in neighborhood and sometimes you’ve had problems with wireless connections dropping out or it is not fast enough. One way to fix this is to select optimum channel for your wireless network in wireless router setting. Figure out Right WiFi Channel You can use my […]

Connect two routers to create a single LAN

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You have a router running in your network which is connected to internet. You want to connect second router/switch in your network thru Ethernet cable. And you want to access devices connected to both routers from any router then follow below steps. Setup steps Unplug the second router/switch from network. Connect computer to the router/switch […]