Tail command for Windows with Colors

Tail is a program on Unix and Unix-like systems used to display the tail end of a text file or piped data. Tail also has option to monitor a file as new lines are added to the file by another process, tail updates the display. This is particularly useful for monitoring log files.

I have made a utility in .net which will display last few lines and follow the file for monitoring. Additionally it will change font color with respect to the context of the line. For ERROR it will display in Red color, WARN in Yellow, DEBUG in Gray and rest in White.

For .net framework version 4.5, you can download it here
Hash for tail.exe
MD5: 2A57C67792560770F569E0A28E9DA13B
SHA1: F4E744B6917D3080EDD31827FC8B084BB3DC6C45

Just copy it in C:\windows so that you can use it in Command Prompt on any folder.

Source code is available here on GitHub

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