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Enable SSH on Raspberry Pi without Monitor

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Raspbian by default has disabled SSH server. To enable it without Keyboard and Monitor, follow any of the below mentioned methods. Preliminary requirements: 1. You should have Raspbian image written on SD Card 2. You should have a machine with SD Card reader and OS which supports reading ext filesystem Method 1 1. Mount SD […]

Import and Export MySQL Database

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There are many ways you can Export and then Import MySQL on other server like phpMyAdmin and MySQL WorkBench. But most efficient way (though not much user friendly) is command line option. This is helpful when you don’t have other option to transfer database but you have SSH access to the server and you want […]

Show Running Processes in Linux terminal

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The Linux terminal has a number of useful commands that can display running processes, kill them, and change their priority level. top The top command is classic way to view system’s resource usage and view processes that are taking up most system resources. Top displays a list of processes, with the ones using the most […]

PuTTy or Shell keyboard shortcuts

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Context Menu (even in full screen) Ctrl + Right Click CTRL Key Bound Ctrl + a - Jump to the start of the line Ctrl + b - Move back a char Ctrl + c - Terminate the command Ctrl + d - Delete from under the cursor Ctrl + e - Jump to the […]