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Raspberry Pi Ethernet to WiFi

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This tutorial is about using your Raspberry Pi (or any Linux box) as WiFi router. Setup I am using Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian Strech. Edimax WiFi adapter. Internet enabled Ethernet connection. Check Ethernet Before continuing make sure the Ethernet cable is connected in and you can ping out from the Pi try ping ping […]

Mosquitto MQTT Install and Run part 1

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MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a publish subscribe messaging protocol for use on top of the TCP/IP protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations where a small code footprint is required or the network bandwidth is limited. Mosquitto is an open-source message broker service that uses the MQTT protocol to send and […]

Control Raspberry Pi LEDs from Web and Mobile

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In this post, I’ll demonstrate controlling couple of LEDs connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO from Web. LEDs could be replaced with any devices so its a kind of basic IoT project too, so this core design can be extended to any scale and many devices can be controlled simultaneously. Programming is done in Python and […]

Show Running Processes in Linux terminal

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The Linux terminal has a number of useful commands that can display running processes, kill them, and change their priority level. top The top command is classic way to view system’s resource usage and view processes that are taking up most system resources. Top displays a list of processes, with the ones using the most […]

PuTTy or Shell keyboard shortcuts

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Context Menu (even in full screen) Ctrl + Right Click CTRL Key Bound Ctrl + a - Jump to the start of the line Ctrl + b - Move back a char Ctrl + c - Terminate the command Ctrl + d - Delete from under the cursor Ctrl + e - Jump to the […]