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Dual Boot Ubuntu on Mac

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This is step by step guide to install Ubuntu on Mac in dual boot configuration without using rEFInd or any 3rd party tools. I assume you have created a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive installer and have verified the contents. I also assume you have verified hardware compatibility by successfully booting the live version of […]

How to Create New Folders in Launchpad on macOS

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Launchpad is the fast way to find and open your apps. By default, items in Launchpad are in alphabetical order. You can re-arrange icons on Launchpad by dragging them in the order you want. If there’s not enough room to show all of your apps on one screen, Launchpad creates multiple pages. The dots at […]

How to Fix Bluetooth Error on Mac

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Few days back my “Magic Mouse” stopped connecting on my MacBook Air. On diagnosis I found that Bluetooth is not showing in System Preferences. Normally it is there as shown in below image. It can also show error like “Bluetooth Not Available” and no device on Bluetooth connect. Here is how to resolve this. Exit […]